Sunday, January 01, 2006

The ultimate x'mas poll results

Here's the long awaited results:

(i) represents the winner and (ii) & (iii) represents the runner-up
the number in brackets represents the number of votes.

1. Who is the friendliest?
i : Ee Suan (9)
ii : Kelvin & Shamim (2)

2. The person with the best smile.
i : Ee Suan (4)
ii : Joycelyn (3)
iii: Vincent & Sherlin (2)

3. Who is the sweetest?
i : Michelle (8)
ii : Ee Suan (4)
iii: Joycelyn (3)

4. Name the most sporting person.
i : Kelvin (4)
ii : Zijie & Dennis (3)

5. Who is the most cuddly?
i : Zijie (15)
ii : Joycelyn, Minsi & Yihan (1)

6. The person who looks the most knowledgeable.
i : Jeff (4)
ii : Dennis & Koklong (3)

7. The one with the most "attitude" face.
i : Koklong (6)
ii : Weiqin (3)
iii: Jeff & Minsi (2)

8. Name the one who looks the most wild.
i : Weiqin (5)
ii : Michelle (4)
iii: Zijie, Joycelyn & Sherlin (2)

9. Who made the most impact on you tonight?
i: Zijie, Weiqin & Vincent (3)
Zijie walked away with the award.

10. The one with THE Hottest Bod.
i : Zijie (9)
ii : Dennis & Zhijian (3)

11. The prettiest girl here.
i : Sherlin (8)
ii : Joycelyn (4)
iii: Ee Suan (2)

12. The most handsome guy here.
i : Jeff (5)
ii : Zijie (4)
iii: Zhijian (3)

13. Who's the best dressed?
i : Minsi & Zijie (6)
ii : Yihan (2)

14. Who has the most beautiful hair?
i : Ee Suan (7)
ii : Minsi (3)
iii: Sherlin & Qorrine (2)

15. The one with the most funky hair.
i : Michelle (8)
ii : Zijie (5)
iii: Shuyi (2)

16. Who do you want to be trapped with on an island?
i : Nicholas & Zijie (3)
ii : Yihan, Sherlin, Danny & Qorrine (2)
Nicholas walked away with the award.

17. Who looks like the ideal
a. boyfriend
i : Dennis (4)
ii : Zijie & Zhijian (3)
b. girlfriend
i : Qorrine (5)
ii : Sherlin (4)
iii: Michelle (3)
iv: Vincent (2)

18. The person you most want to kiss under the mistletoe.
i : Zijie (3)
ii : Danny & Ee Suan (2)

19. Who do you think deserves to be
a. "Mr Personality"
i : Vincent & Zijie (5)
ii : Dennis (4)
Vincent walked away with the award.
b. "Miss Personality"
i : Joycelyn (7)
ii : Ee Suan (6)
iii: Michelle & Minsi (3)

20. Name our
a. BBQ King
i : Kelvin & Zijie (6)
ii : Dennis (3)
Kelvin walked away with the award.
b. BBQ Queen
i : Ee Suan (9)
ii : Joycelyn (4)
iii: Michelle (2)


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